The concept of UniHealthSM was created to allow a single point of access to the continuum of care of services associated with the UHS-Pruitt family of providers.

UHS-Pruitt Corporation began in 1969 as the Toccoa Nursing Center. Since that time, this family of companies has demonstrated a steady and continuous pattern of growth. Through prudent facility acquisitions, leases and related ancillary service expansion, the company’s family of providers has expanded significantly.

As of June 30, 2002, UHS-Pruitt Corporation currently manages through affiliates 56 nursing homes, four personal care centers, a management company, three pharmacies, a hospice with eight offices and a separate inpatient unit, a care management company, four certified home health agencies, seventeen real estate companies, a transportation company, Part B Enteral and Parental Billing company and food and linen company. Additionally, UHS-Pruitt Corporation entered into a management agreement with two other facilities owned partly by the sole share holder. These companies are located in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In 1998, the commercial care management company, UniHealthSM Solutions, Inc. was founded.

The goal of UniHealthSM during the Company’s infancy was to provide multiple services on a statewide basis. This concept was developed, refined, and marketed to managed care organizations. UniHealthSM Solutions secured several arrangements with HMO’s and PPO’s with a strong client base in Georgia. UniHealth’sSM clients benefited from the cost effective high quality approach to services that UniHealthSM provided.

In early 2000, UniHealthSM transformed provider-based network of services into a care management Company. Additional Care Managers were added and a stronger emphasis was placed on member satisfaction and desired outcomes.

As UniHealthSM grew in size and popularity the Company has always remained committed to its clients and their Membership.


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